Thursday, June 14, 2007,10:36 AM
My Daughter

When I was pregnant everyone joked that because Mike and I were such um, nerds, karma would have it that our child was bound to be a sports freak or a cheerleader. The universe would obviously make that sort of joke on us.

Two and a half(ish) years later Emma is being herself. She loves books and drawing. She likes to dig in the dirt and dance around with the leaves in the backyard. She loves to wear her princess dresses, but is also obsessed with baseball (as the picture shows, she sleeps with her ball and bat). She insists on wearing her "horns" (University of Texas Longhorns) clothing as much as possible (and having mommy and daddy wear their horns shirts as well) and has to be sung the UT Fight Song before bed each night. So leaving aside the fact that in this picture she is a walking advertisement for Disney Princesses, Sesame Street, and Dora the Explorer - she is herself. Not clones of mommy and daddy, but not our exact opposite either. She's Emma.

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