Tuesday, June 12, 2007,10:40 PM
Human Trafficking Report
So the US Government just released its annual Trafficking in Human Person's Report. (read the report, it is a good general overview of the issue). In the report certain countries are listed as being top offenders and could face sanctions from the US if they fail to take steps to change the injustices in their countries. Well that is unless President Bush feels like waiving sanctions or Condi Rice decides to leave gross offenders (India) off the list "out of concern about alienating the Indian government." So the point is that if the country is worthless to us, we will punish them for trafficking women and children into forced prostitution and slavery. But if the country is big and potentially powerful, we will overlook such a trivial thing as injustice. (Not that sanctions are the answer to this sort of issue, but government is more of a blunt tool...). Anyway, read more about it here.

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