Monday, June 04, 2007,10:02 PM
Faith in a Dress

So I've posted about this over at Emerging Women, but I'll post something here too. Pam Hogeweide and Erin Word are the guest editors for the June issue of the Porpoise Diving Life e-zine ("Picking Up Where Purpose-Driven Peters Out"). This issue is called Progress: Faith in a Dress and is devoted "to the women who have been emerging from the shadows to engage in the fullness of their callings in the 21st century". A number of women contributed to the e-zine, and the newly created Faith in a Dress blog has a even wider selection of contributions by women on this topic.

I contributed a couple of articles to the issue - The Feminine Side of God and Why I Gave My Daughter a Strong Name. Go check them out along with all the other great articles by the women who contributed to this project.

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  • At 6/06/2007 03:04:00 PM, Blogger Amy

    I read your second article and found it interesting. I didn't know some of the issues you guys faced at your previous church and that they were so closed off to women serving. Our denomination is probably a little more accepting. More churches have women deacons, elders, and pastors along with other positions. I tend to gravitate towards women being able to serve in all positions, but I am still a minority. I did grow up knowing that I could be a youth pastor as a female and even preach if I felt God calling me in that direction. I do agree that people in the church can get opinionated and lost in the issues. I think this caused myself and my siblings to question the church and our faith at certain times.

  • At 6/06/2007 05:07:00 PM, Blogger Julie

    The church we were at last was generally open to women serving (in theory if not practice). My experience I wrote about was from the first church I attended when I came to Wheaton. It is a fairly decent sized church, but I've met more people who left that church than attend. Like women who were driven out because they worked outside the home or because they didn't breastfeed their children.