Tuesday, May 22, 2007,9:03 PM
Lord's Army
This is disturbing. A Liberty University freshman was arrested for plotting to detonate homemade bombs apparently to stop potential protesters from disrupting Jerry Falwell's funeral. (read more here). For me, this just epitomizes the culture of fear that the conservative right-wing propagates. The idea that there is some vast conspiracy out there that is out to destroy truth, justice, and the American Way (i.e. Christianity as they know it).

I don't deny that there may have been protesters at Falwell's funeral or that there were a lot of us that really didn't like him. Or that intended protesters included the Westboro Baptist cult who were pissed that Falwell didn't hate gays enough. And I know that this is just one kid with his own issues. But when you're fed on the language of "taking back our country for God," defending the faith, and being part of the Lord's Army (yes sir) it's going to eventually get through. Promote violence (however metaphorically intended) and it will beget violence.

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