Tuesday, June 12, 2007,9:23 PM
Support the Jubilee Act
From Jubilee USA -

How do you eliminate poverty? Well, passage of the Jubilee Act is one way and "we" need your help.

This “we” is not just the Jubilee staff and members of Congress who believe that this legislation could help stop millions and millions of dollars in debt payments to the IMF and World Bank from leaving countries like Haiti, Liberia and Burundi. This “we” is the collective voice of the Global South.

For people in impoverished countries, passing debt into the next generation’s hands is as natural as passing down the legacy of a people.

For people in impoverished countries, the legacy of debt left by dictators and the reality of structural adjustment programs that privatize natural resources are all generational legacies — generational legacies that should be buried.

The Jubilee Act, which is the centerpiece of Jubilee's 2007 Sabbath Year campaign, ensures promises made by the G8 two years ago are kept by urging U.S. Treasury, the IMF and World Bank to keep their agreement.

Last Thursday, the Jubilee Act was re-introduced in Congress by the bipartisan team of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL).

The Jubilee Act:

* Calls on the Bush Administration, the IMF and the World Bank to keep their promises on debt cancellation;
* Calls for expanded debt cancellation for impoverished countries that will use the freed resources well and require debt cancellation to meet the Millennium Development Goals;
* Calls for new standards for responsible lending and creditor transparency by calling for measures to address the problem of vulture funds as well as audits of odious and illegal debts from the past.

Use the easy online form to e-mail or fax your member of Congress about this legislation and urge them to co-sponsor The Jubilee Act.

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