Saturday, June 09, 2007,8:06 PM
Garage Sale
So that was us this weekend - Garage Sale 8 AM. We sorted through our junk and attempted to get rid of wedding presents we haven't used in 7 1/2 years, books representing theologies we no longer subscribe to (the ones that escaped the "burn" pile at least), and clothes that 2 years after giving birth I finally am admitting I will never fit into again. The typical stuff.

What I wasn't expecting were the people. Not that they'd show up, but how well, interesting, they could be. There were those who showed up asking for things I would be appalled to ever have in my house much less sell (guns (isn't that illegal???), Joel Osteen books). Not that they would know that, but still. Then there were those who after looking around our garage asked if we had and snowmobiles or go-carts for sale - does it look like we do?! A couple of ladies told me that I was a good person because I was selling John Piper and Max Lucado books (did they ever stop to think why I was getting rid of those books?) Then there was the lady who let her dog wander into our house and left without it. She did come back and get it, but come on, she FORGOT her dog at a garage sale.

The conversations though were the strangest. One guy was amazed at how clean my garage was and so proceeded to tell me all about why his garage is so dirty. Apparently he works on cars and I got to hear the entire story of how he rebuilt a golf cart and painted it like a bumblebee. Another guy (after buying the huge bag of cassette tapes) decided to let me know how evil he thought this new fangled invention the CD was and how he will never switch over to using it. The most annoying man asked me about my arm and then told me how great it was that I didn't let not having an arm get me down. I wasn't like those Indians who blah, blah, blah (fill in negative stereotypes and racist dribble if you must). I swear I'm too nice and let people ramble on forever about crap that I could care less about. Yes, I know that's kinda part of the job description for church planter, but bumblebee golf carts? is that really part of the deal?

Anyway just thought I'd share since I'm too exhausted to think of much else to say at this point.


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  • At 6/10/2007 10:08:00 AM, Blogger Erin Word

    Hehe I didn't burn any books, though I did give some away.

    But I DID burn some Bible studies I had done. Is that sacreligious?


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