Thursday, March 22, 2007,9:37 PM
Things That Made Me Smile This Week
So this week's been crazy - finishing up details for Emerging Women stuff, prepping for big craft fair this week, and just doing everyday work as a mom and church planter. Amidst the craziness, I thought I'd share a few of the things that made me smile this week.

- For some reason whenever it is wet and drizzly outside and I smell the exhaust from a diesel truck, I always am reminded of London. I love London, I love just being in the city - even with all the pollution and rain. So those two in combination bring up pleasant memories of London. That recollection made me smile yesterday as I tried to run errands with a toddler who was quite upset that mommy didn't have an umbrella for her while everyone else had umbrellas (I'm sorry, but there is no way I'm carrying a toddler, pushing a shopping cart, and managing an umbrella with one hand. We just get wet.) It was fun to have good memories.

- I also liked that today was warm and I could drive with the windows down singing along loudly to U2 (yes I am one of those people).

- I liked that the mystery is back in LOST. What is going on? What in the world is this magic box? It makes for fun discussions.

- We went to the Children's Museum today with playgroup. Emma had so much fun discovering new things (kinda the point of educational museums...). She especially enjoyed the Wind area where the balls "magically" floated in the air.

- I smile every time I drive by this sign -

- This was just fun. (go to the website for more)


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