Friday, March 02, 2007,6:26 PM
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So I've expressed by excitement at the upcoming new Harry Potter book and movie, but that's not the only thing a sci-fi/fantasy geek such as I has to look forward to.

Jacqueline Carey posted a summary of the upcoming Kushiel's Justice at her website - here. (don't read the amazon summary unless you want to know a major spoiler...). Her books are always brilliant - vividly detailed alternate worlds.

And plans are still underway for a live action Star Wars TV Series. Many of the movie actors are reported to be appearing in cameos, but the series will focus on Expanded Universe characters. Will we perhaps get to see Mara Jade on screen???

Filming starts on Indiana Jones 4 this June. Rumor has it that Natalie Portman will play Indy's daughter.

And while plans for filming The Hobbit are moving forward (albeit without Peter Jackson directing), there is other good Tolkien news. Christopher Tolkien has finally finished editing one of the unfinished tales and we will be treated to the release of The Children of Hurin next month. Now this of course may mean that I might once again embark on a LOTR binge - reading the books (and unfinished writings) multiple times in succession, but we shall see.

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