Monday, March 19, 2007,9:32 AM
Emerging Women Midwest Gathering
So I'm back from the Emerging Women Midwest Gathering. I'm tired and trying to catch up on a million details, but at the same time excited and inspired by our time there together. I'll write more about the event later. For now, I've posted a brief summary and some of my talks about the theme and purpose of the weekend over at the Emerging Women blog - here.

It was really really fun to stay in the Castle at the Stronghold. I love that place as a retreat center and the Castle was just too much fun. All of its nooks and crannies, secret passages, and quiet rooms for reflection made it the perfect setting for our event. Below is my favorite thing I stumbled upon on the Castle grounds this weekend - a St. Francis statue with a bird's nest in it. I just loved that. Enjoy and stay tuned for more thoughts.
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