Tuesday, March 13, 2007,10:14 AM
Hi readers

A few people were asking - I am slowly healing from my side injury (internal bruise). I can move again and am not popping pain killers all the time. It will apparently be a long process, but I can see that normalcy is beginning to return.

I'm going crazy at the moment trying to pull together all the final details for the Emerging Women Midwest Gathering this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it, but there is so much to do. So I doubt there will be much in the way of blog posts here until after the retreat.

I do have to say that I'm loving that we are experiencing a bit of a Spring teaser this week here in Chicagoland. I can go outside and be warm - not just not cold, but warm. It's great.


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  • At 3/13/2007 10:36:00 AM, Blogger kent

    This definitely the day for a lawn chair. Take advantage of it because according to the trolls at the weather service rain and snow, yes snow, are headed our way again Thursday.

  • At 3/13/2007 01:44:00 PM, Blogger Searching For a Meaning

    Delighted to read that you are feeling much improved and now able to enjoy a taster of Spring.

    The weather here in Scotland - has been uncertain too, with wonderful days and backstep to winter from time to time.

  • At 3/17/2007 04:30:00 PM, Anonymous toblerone

    Hi Julie! Through one way or another I came across your blog, so I thought I'd say hello! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods... ~Tsh

  • At 3/19/2007 09:42:00 AM, Blogger Julie

    Tsh - good to hear from you! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope life is treating you well.


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