Saturday, February 03, 2007,11:05 PM
Pantry Challenge - The End (Day 18)
So my participation in the Pantry Challenge has ended. Last night I made an interesting meal of brats simmered in beer (no buns), curried sweet potato fries, and pumpkin pie (which caused Emma to literally shout and dance for joy). Yes, there is still a lot of food in my house. Mostly condiments, rice, beans, and sweets. My fridge and pantry have a lot more empty space (although the pantry is as messy as ever) (see original pictures here).

It was strange to go the grocery store and I approached how I shopped differently. I do think I will be more aware of my shopping and cooking habits after this experience.

Mike and I did have an interesting discussion about hording food last night. Some of us who lived during the cold war (or just read too much apocalyptic fiction) have somewhere in the back of our minds the need to be "prepared" in case of an emergency. In most of those scenarios (nuclear war, mass viral epidemic, ice age, alien invasion...) the food issue is the first big struggle. Modern people, dependent on convenience and prepared foods, would face a crisis. Do you share precious food, horde, loot, fight for it? While this is a science fiction scenario for most Americans it made us think about the ethical issues involved where food is always a scarce resource. What motivates those of the brink of starvation? Do you horde or share or work together? Is altruism even possible? What are the moral boundaries when it is your child that is starving? Do you steal, cheat, kill for food? Then what right would those who may have food stolen from them have to condemn the action if they were part of the system that led to the problem in the first place? It was an interesting conversation full of "what-ifs."


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  • At 2/04/2007 06:56:00 PM, Anonymous Rachel

    Julie, my Grammy grew up during the Great Depression and I think that strongly influenced her attitude toward food. She always had two refrigerators and a deep freezer and shelves upon shelves of canned goods. Tales of her food hoarding are legendary in our family. Once my uncle found four hams in her freezer! She always urged us to take a second and third helping and insisted on sending us home with more food. Food was associated with love in her house.

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