Tuesday, January 30, 2007,10:21 PM
Pantry Challenge Day 14
And so we continue... Emma's been asking for bananas. I don't know if she really wants bananas or if that is just one of the food words she actually knows. It's hard to tell sometimes. For awhile she was calling "ice cream" "soup", so it can get confusing. (and for those who care - I got her to say all of her aunts and uncles names today as we pretended to call them all on the phone, so Alan and Xio whenever we actually get to see you guys again - be ready!).

But back to the food stuff. I've been amazed today at how much stuff I could make if I put the effort into it. Basically I could bake a ton of stuff with the flour and sugar I have from that holiday baking that never happened. I never make bread products, but now I realize that I can and that they are way way better than crappy sliced bread. But it takes effort, but that's how most of the world does it. I'm so used to convenience that I forget that its hard work to just eat in a lot of places.

So what odd combo of easy and efforted foods are we eating?

Mike - eggs on homemade bread
Julie - chocolate chip muffins and coffee
Emma - chocolate chip muffins and milk

Mike - grapefruit, pita chips and hummus, homemade bread
Julie - frozen organic burrito
Emma - canned vegetable soup and bread

Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots
homemade drop biscuits


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