Monday, January 29, 2007,10:07 PM
Pantry Challenge Day 13
So we're still attempting to do the whole pantry challenge thing. It feels weird having gone away for a few days to jump back into it. My sister-in-law apparently survived at our house watching Emma on what was left (I'm assuming mac n' cheese and the like). We went to the store for just the milk and eggs and my fridge is really clearing out. I finally got around to baking so we have some bread products. I made some chocolate chip muffins this morning - all the while wondering why I had bought chocolate chip muffin mix in the first place. Then tonight I made some wheat bread in the bread machine. So not real baking, but we now have bread. I thought our meals would be a lot more random by now, but I'm amazed at how much normal stuff I still have lurking in the recesses of the pantry and freezer. Note to self - frozen broccoli while decent in soups and casseroles is horrid as a side dish...

So what are we eating?

Mike - fried eggs
Julie - coffee, muffins
Emma - milk, muffins

Mike and Emma - leftover Chinese food and applesauce
Julie - frozen Trader Joe's Chicken Masala

Parmesan and Pecan crusted Tilapia over brown rice
Steamed frozen broccoli


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