Thursday, January 25, 2007,10:48 PM
Pantry Challenge Days 9
So the pantry experiment continues. I spent some time today cleaning out my fridge of the stuff that is a little too scary to even try to eat. I like to buy all natural and organic foods, but with no added preservatives, they just don't last very long. I know I will try to buy more of just what I need, but do I want to buy added poisons in my food just so I can keep it longer and actually finish it? Its a weird way to have to look at it. As for what we are eating -

Julie- coffee
Emma - milk and cereal
Mike - cake and coffee

Mike - leftover pork roast and rice
Julie - leftover tuna, rice and beans
Emma - leftover pasta and applesauce

Vision Team Potluck night here. I made the last of my frozen IKEA Swedish meatballs with gravy and ligonberry jam. I also made coffee, iced tea, and put out what pop we had left and contributed some Girl Scout cookies. It's getting interesting...


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