Friday, February 02, 2007,2:39 PM
Pantry Challenge Days 15-16
So we continue. Actually I think we are at the end. The last couple of days have been interesting foodwise. I've been sick and have no energy to cook creative stuff and we are all out of the easy stuff. I'm craving salad and Emma's begging for bananas and we're hosting a Superbowl (ha CBS I said it!) Party for our church... so I think tomorrow will hold a grocery store run. My fridge is fairly empty (kinda hard to finish off those bottles of salad dressing without salad to put in on...). There is still a lot of food in my house which I will be more diligent about eating through (I had no ideas we had so many unused brats from the last church cookout in my freezer - too bad the grills in storage for the season!). So what have the last few days held?



leftover biscuits and muffins, coffee and milk

leftover potroast

pasta and frozen mozzarella sticks with sauce



Fried eggs on homemade bread toast

Tuna on crackers

Mike - dinner meeting out
Julie - organic frozen pocket sandwich
Emma - organic canned vegetable soup (which she insisted on eating with her hands - needless to say it was a straight to he bath afterwards meal...)

So there we go. I'll post pictures later.


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