Thursday, January 18, 2007,10:59 PM
Pantry Challenge Day 2
Today's Cooking -

Julie - coffee
Mike - cereal
Emma - milk and a breakfast bar

Julie and Emma - leftovers at a friends house
Mike - provided at work

Mike - green tea
Julie- green tea, 1/2 nutella sandwich
Emma - milk

Roasted chicken breasts and asparagus with almonds
Brown rice

Then for our church's leadership meeting I served my last box of IKEA cookies, chips and salsa (I have quite a few bags of red and green tortilla chips from after christmas clearance), coffee, and pop. The kids got juice boxes (my last 3) and animal crackers (from my huge Costco vat).

It was weird thinking about this in terms of what to serve at a meeting. Hospitality is a huge thing for me - I want to serve people and serve them well. Not so that it will make me look good, but I just want to provide the best that I can to those who come into my home. So just pulling out what I had tonight instead of planning some involved array of snacks was strange. I think that is partially why I stock a pantry - I want to be able to be creative and serve. So will I be okay with opening the vat o' animal crackers for the adults at upcoming meeting? That remains to be seen.
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