Wednesday, January 17, 2007,6:37 PM
Pantry Challenge Day 1
Okay so day one of the Pantry Challenge... There isn't much to blog about yet, nothing reallys happened yet. Our pantry and fridge are still very full. I think I should take a picture and post how scary they look. But to post what we did eat today (and I'm sure it will get more interesting as things go along...)

Julie - coffee
Mike - cereal and coffee
Emma - milk and fruit and yogurt bar

Julie - salmon, avocado, and lettuce on pita bread
Emma - 1/2 banana, applesauce, leftover chicken
Mike - lunch meeting out

Julie - cheese and crackers and green tea
Emma - milk

Pork roast (dug that out of the freezer)
Brown rice
Salad with pecans and strawberries

So eating very very well. It will be strange when the fresh stuff is gone. I have a bit left in the fridge and some potatoes and squash stored in the pantry, so we shall see...
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