Thursday, February 15, 2007,11:57 PM
Update on Life, Snow, and Kitty Cat Beds
My parents came to visit this past weekend. It was a fun time and Emma got some quality time with Nana and Papa. They also helped us move around furniture and stuff so we could set up Emma in a big girl bed. So we set up a mattress in her room. The only sheets I had clean at the moment were an old set with a print of cats with red shoes on them that I used to sleep on when I would visit my grandparents. Emma fell in love with her new Kitty Cat Bed and is super excited to sleep in it. I didn't expect the transition to be this easy. I don't think she has actually grasped the concept that she can get out of bed whenever she wants. We'll see how long that takes. Next step - potty training.

My parents did get stuck at Midway by the snow storm. They had never visited us before during actual bad weather. I've lived in the Chicago area for 11 years now (boy that's depressing) and even when they came in the middle of winter it has always been great weather for them. Unfortunately they had to spend a long time at the airport without their luggage to experience it. We had a fun Valentine's Day trying to keep warm and taking Emma sledding (on the small incline in our front yard - which is the steepest elevation around, all the neighborhood kids come to our yard to skate as well). Last year on Valentine's Day, I took Emma hiking at a local state park with some friends. This year we were surrounded by snow.


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