Thursday, August 23, 2007,4:51 PM
Things that make you wonder...
So I've been out and about all day today attempting to avoid actually being outside during the crazy storms and tornados. It's been one of those days. Just thought I share some of the moments today that just made me have to wonder.

First - in the "you know environmentalism is a fad when..." category.

Target is selling this "Green is Good t-shirt" -

What gets me is that the claim to caring for the environment is printed using conventional toxic dyes on a shirt made of conventional cotton. Tons of environmentally unfriendly chemicals and pesticides were dumped into the environment to create the opportunity for trendy teens to expresses (boldly across their breasts) their deep commitment to caring for the environment. Did they ever stop to think?

Then in further environmental news - I was at Trader Joe's and of course had forgotten my nice reusable canvas bags yet once again. At the check out I asked the guy to not waste bags since I would just be transferring the food to the cooler in my car. He got really confused and didn't know what to do with my food. I asked him to just put it all back in the cart. At that point he said, "how about I just put it all in plastic bags." Because it is so common to not want to waste paper bags so that you can use plastic ones instead! I gave up and he packed it all in paper bags.

And finally in the "does this disturb you as much as it did me?" category, I saw this bumper sticker -

No wonder the world hates us. How can we continue to pretend that we are a "Christian" nation if this is our foreign policy? Forget loving your enemies, forget "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us," who needs crap like that when we have a license to kill?

Anyway, can you tell I'm having a "what is this world smoking?" sort of day?

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