Tuesday, April 10, 2007,7:59 PM
Summer Conferences
Here are the spiffy cool conferences I'll be attending this summer. You know you wanna come too...

Jubilee USA Grassroots Conference here in Chicago. "The conference will include speakers from the Global South, skill-building sessions for grassroots economic justice activists (advocacy, media work, engaging congregations, etc.), and workshops that will deepen participants' understanding of debt and economic justice issues. And of course there will also be down time for networking and having fun with global economic justice activists from around the United States."

Because I'm all about having fun with global economic justice activists, no really, I am... It sounds like a great conference and a good way to learn more about involvement and advocacy.

and then there's the -

"A church of 10,000 people that meets in a mall...
A small urban community that meets in an art gallery...
An African-American church on the south-side of Chicago...
Web communities that connect tens of thousands of people...

What do all of these have in common? They are all emerging faith communities discovering what it means to be missional in their own unique context. AND they will all be represented at the first annual Midwest Emergent Gathering, July 20-21 in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Come learn from Tony Jones (Emergent Village), Denise Van Eck (Mars Hill Bible Church), Spencer Burke (theOoze.com), Nanette Sawyer (Wicker Park Grace), Doug Pagitt (Solomon's Porch), and Alise Barrymore & James King (The Emmaus Community) and other missional practitioners from a wide diversity of backgrounds as we learn together about "Creating Missional Communities".

Contribute to the conversation as we discuss, network, and learn in community together via fast-paced mainstage sessions, interactive workshops, and unstructured times for dialogue with old or new friends. Whether mainline or evangelical, emerging or traditional, high church or de-churched, you will find inspiration and ideas to help you and your faith community become more effective agents for the mission of God in this hurting world."

Doesn't it sound great. (okay, so yes I'm part of the planning team and need to promote it, but I still think it sounds great and am looking forward to attending!). I will be hosting an Emerging Women affinity lunch during it which anyone is welcome to attend.

If anyone is planning on attending these events let me know so we can hang out.

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