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Flypaper for Freaks or Missed Opportunity?
I posted part of this a few years ago at The Ooze, but I was thinking about the strangeness of it all the other day. At one point Hot Topic carried a t-shirt that said "What am I, fly paper for FREAKS?" Honestly there have been points in my life when I have totally felt like that. I seem to be the one random person people approach to say odd things. Granted the occurrences have dropped drastically since I had a kid (in fact they only happen now when Emma's not with me). I do feel weird about it. I'm an introvert and so am uneasy about random encounters. But I feel like I should be friendly and strike up a conversation, but often its just too weird and creepy to go there. Perhaps I'm missing opportunities to connect with people. What do you think?

For example -

I was standing in a check-out line at Walmart and this very elderly man comes up to me and says "you look like the person to ask". I told him I didn't work there, but then he just looked at me and asked "so are computers from God or from Satan?" a bit confused by that point I replied "from God." He then gave me a hard stare and said "how could something so evil come from God? you just think about that." then he walked away.

Then once, I was sitting in my car waiting for the light to turn and I hear a car horn beep. I look to the car next to me and there's this guy rolling down his window motioning for me to roll down mine. I do so expecting to be asked directions or something. But he looks at me and asks "so are you one of those pretty girls who like to blow people off" I reply "I don't think so" and he says "I hope you have friends and don't push people away." Then he drove off.

I was working at an Antique shop in Wheaton and I noticed a man staring through the window for a long time. He looked like he was from the PADS shelter down the street. I ignored him and kept working (most likely dusting or polishing silver, that's all I ever seemed to do there). Next thing I knew, he was in the store standing right by me. I asked him if he needed any help and he asked me if I would marry him. I held up my hand with my ring on it and said I was already married. He then walked out of the store.

Along those same lines, I was at the grocery store recently (without Emma) and an older very disheveled man walked up to me and said "you must not be married." I wondered what in my cart could possibly give that impression and asked him why. He said it was because I wasn't wearing a wedding ring on my left hand. For all of you who have met me in person - I don't have a left hand. I was a bit taken aback by him saying that. So I just held up my right hand with my wedding ring on it. He look at it, looked at me, and said "I was in 'Nam" and walked away.

Anyway, is it just me, or do other people have complete strangers come up and ask them really weird stuff? How do you react/interact?


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  • At 4/10/2007 02:02:00 PM, Blogger i am not

    I can't say I have ever had any situations like that... I hope you don't mind - each of these made me laugh out loud, simply because of the weirdness/randomness of the comments and then the fact that each one of them abruptly left. Very strange and I can only imagine the look on your face after each person left:)

  • At 4/10/2007 11:37:00 PM, Blogger Trissa

    Hi, I visit your page every once in awhile and thought I would respond to this post, especially because its so funny.

    I can honestly say I have never had anybody come up to me and say things like that. Now, take in account that I work for Child Welfare in a major metropolitan area and I rode mass transit for two years and I still didn't have any body ask questions like that.

  • At 4/11/2007 09:23:00 AM, Blogger Julie

    Glad to entertain. Now I'm just feeling weird ... :)


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