Monday, December 04, 2006,9:06 PM
Emma's Current Look
Fair warning - Emma update...

So as Emma nears two, her personality (and independence) is really coming out. Her vocabulary is growing and we are hearing a lot of new words (now understanding them is an entirely different thing). She is still enamored with her Supergirl costume and asks (insists) on wearing it whenever she can. She constantly sings her own versions of the ABC song. And she's devoped an aversion to socks and shirts. She takes them off as soon as we can put them on her. But she seems to love her snowboots - I think because they are a prelude to "snowman" time. So while I am sitting here freezing, she is quite happy to "shirt off" and show the world her "button."

Emma's current look

Update - this was her look today. All clothes off, wearing daddy's boots, and mommy's hat and scarf. She was quite pleased with herself.


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