Sunday, November 26, 2006,11:34 PM

We spent Thanksgiving this year in Michigan. It was a fun gathering of family at Mike’s parent’s house. Emma wasn’t too sure what to think of so many new people all at once, but she grew used to the attention. She also was fasinated with the cats and spent lots of time chasing them all around the house. I’m sure the cats were happy to see her leave, they tried to avoid her as much as possible while she was there.

It was good for her to get to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa – although we are still trying to get her to say Grandma’s name. I’m sure she had fun on Friday with Grandpa while the rest of us went out to brave Black Friday. Apparently Grandpa let her have just juice and pumpkin pie all day – she still hasn’t stopped asking for “pum-in pie.” Shopping wasn’t all that bad. We had a fun day out, but it was weird being without Emma for so long. We even got to go see the new James Bond movie. I really liked it – and besides the Mario Brothers meets Fear Factor opening action sequence it was the best Bond movie yet.

We of course had to dress Emma in her Texas outfit the day of the UT vs A&M game which meant her Michigan relatives had to search for UofM gear to balance things out.

The long drive is getting harder since Emma doesn’t sleep in the car much anymore. We had to make stops for her to get out of her seat. At this stop she decided she had to drive and push all the buttons.

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