Thursday, December 14, 2006,11:10 PM
Crazy Busy
So the internet does still exist, not like I've had a chance to be on it this week. This is the crazy busy time for me. It's all fun and at this point I don't know what I can cut out, but I'm exhausted and stressed. I know I'm stressed because I had to have chicken wings for dinner the last two nights. When I default to comfort foods, its bad...

So let's see. I baked something like 35 dozen cookies this past week. And today was the Playgroup Holiday Party at my house. 17 in the four and under crowd plus mommies in my basement for lunch, crafts, games, and cookie decorating. It was a tad chaotic, but lots of fun. Mike dressed up as Santa and made a guest appearance. I don't think Emma caught on that Santa was actually Daddy, although she did look a bit confused when he pulled his beard down.

Tomorrow Via Christus is hosting a community Christmas party. So I had to do all the shopping for that and then cook for a hundred something potential people. It's a bit overwhelming. Plus my family is coming into town which is great, but it meant I had to have all presents bought and wrapped.

Anyway - so thats my life at the moment. No deep thoughts, no commenting on blogs, no reading (I'm back to bedtime Sudoku to clear my mind...). Maybe I'll resurface next week...

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  • At 12/16/2006 10:36:00 AM, Anonymous kent

    I call the silly season for a reason. When you add up all of the events created to celebrate this season, it gets overwhelming and it tends pull attention from why you are celebrating. Nopt sure waht the answer is... but it goes on and on. Have fun with Emily at this age. This is the age whne Christmas takes on a wondrous element.

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