Sunday, May 06, 2007,9:47 PM
Random Acts of Linkage
A few spiffy things I would direct your attention to while my brain is on complete weekend mush mode (as in I'm having fun catching up on Iron Chef America episodes)...

A really cool site that was mentioned in the comments of the Why Buy Fair Trade post below - Fair Trade Sports. Get shirts, hats, water bottles, and well made sports equipment that were fairly made and traded. Great idea - promoting fairness in sports beyond the playing field.

Then if you are interested in the good, bad and ugly ways in which Christianity makes the news - check out the new blog Christianity in the News. So far I have found it fascinating - although there are days when I'm not sure if my reading it is a good educational resource or a sick obsession. It's worth checking out at any rate.

And in the utterly superficial category... If you are as obsessed with LOST as I am and are dying to know how this season will end, Spoilerfix has a handful of tantalizing tidbits to offer. But they also reveal that the next season won't start until next January - so we will be forced to wait with whatever horrible cliffhanger they leave us with until then.

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