Wednesday, April 25, 2007,9:31 AM
Reading the Bible
So I was searching though some of my old junk and came across some of my college papers. It was quite an amusing journey to read the stuff I was thinking about a decade or so ago. I was kinda hoping I could have found the paper I wrote for my Theology of Culture class freshman year where I discussed postmodernism as the greatest current threat to Christianity. My how I've changed.

I did stumble upon an interesting paper I had written for one of my History of Christianity classes with Mark Noll. It was a brief overview of the history of the physical form of the Bible and how it affects our reading/interpretation thereof. I explored the transition from scroll to codex and speculated on the implications of electronic media on Biblical interpretation. I found it amusing that this was written about eight years ago and already my language describing the electronic medium sounds archaic (and it didn't help that I had to download a special program just so I could open such an "old" file on my newer computer.)

Reading it now I see that my writing has issues and for as long as it is, it needs a lot more research to make it more than the briefest of introductions. But I remember Dr. Noll encouraging me to try to get it published and maybe if I hadn't of been getting married two weeks after I wrote this I would have. So here's to publishing it on good ol' Google Docs and inviting anyone who's as big of a history geek as I to take a look.

Enjoy - The Form of the Bible: The Transfer of the Biblical Text from Scroll to Codex Form


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