Friday, May 11, 2007,10:42 AM
I obviously don't hide my identity here. I want to no longer be afaid to be who I am and speak what is on my mind. Not hiding who I am is a big part of that. I'm tired of people expecting my to be just like them and them never finding out what I am really like. This medium helps me speak up even if I find it hard to do so in face to face encounters. And if it gets me in trouble, so be it. At least I'm truthful about who I am instead of lying and hiding in order to play it safe. (and I know that there are a lot of people out there with just as good reasons why not to reveal their identity, this is just why I personally do so)

So in reading others' reflections on idenity, I came across this. It looked like fun in a weird sort of way (how much of our identity does come from pop culture?) Granted, I've never heard of most of the people on the list... (HT - Brother Maynard and Irim).


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