Monday, June 26, 2006,9:38 AM
Simply Christian
I recently read Simply Christian by N.T. Wright and want to recommend it to anyone interested in a good overview of Christian belief. This book is similiar to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity , but it is more relevant for today's readers. Whereas Lewis wrote as an Anglican and dealt with a certain set a questions apropos to his historical moment, Wright (himself an Anglican) takes a more ecumenical approach and addresses faith in a way more palpable to today's audience. It is of course not an exhaustive work on why Christianity makes sense, but it is a great general introduction. He addresses the issues humbly and acknowledges the necessity of faith (as opposed to proof) in the Christian life. Wright does a good job placing Christianity into its cultural context and still exploring what it means to live for the kingdom of God in today's world. In all it is a good introduction to Christianity that is appropiatly written for the postmodern ethos of our historical moment.
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