Monday, June 19, 2006,8:26 PM
The Bubble Project
I read about this interesting thing in the latest Newsweek (the one with Johnny Depp on the cover ;) ) called The Bubble Project. A graphic designer, Ji Lee, printed up thousands of conversation bubble stickers and put then on ads all over New York City. People could write whatever on them and then photos were taken of them all. The idea is to give the public a way to respond to the messages of advertising - to actually have a voice. As their Bubble Manifesto says - the bubbles transform the corporate monologue into a dialogue. If we are under attack by the media the bubble are our ammunition in the counterattack. Find out more about the project and browse through the bubbles here . I thought it was really interesting and was fasinated to read what people wrote in the bubbles.

here are a couple of examples -

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