Wednesday, August 03, 2005,7:33 AM
It pays to read
So I participated in the Warrenville library's summer reading program this summer. I love doing stuff like that - read so many books, enter to win a prize. I did it for a few years in Wheaton and of course never won a thing - not even the crappy weekly flower arrangement prizes. But this summer I won TWO of Warrenville's prizes. For writing reviews of the books I read I won the June drawing for an AMC gift card. Then I just found out that I won the grand prize for the summer of 4 Six Flags tickets. Crazy huh. We have never been to Six Flags Great America and are not real sure how it will work with a baby. I'm actually more excited about going to the new Hurricane Harbor thing, its been years since I've been to a water park. So anyway, I just thought I'd share that it pays (with crazy prizes) to read! :)
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