Monday, November 05, 2007,8:18 PM
New Blog
From now on I will be blogging at

I mentioned a few weeks back about possibly switching my blog host. I've been playing with creating a new blog for a few weeks and now I am finally taking the plunge and switching. The new blog is a selfhosted blog through Wordpress and is still titled onehandclapping. I've uploaded all my old posts (yes even the really pathetic early ones) and have all the same links and stuff. It still needs work and I'll be tweaking it, but it's mostly all up and running. (At least I think I've learned how to not crash it every time I try to do anything).

Anyway - here's the shameless self-promotion part as I now start from scratch with my stats and Technorati ranking. If you have linked to me on your blog could you please update the link to my new blog. And if you don't already have a link to me, this would be a perfect opportunity to add that link. :)

Since I'm announcing online changes I should also mention that I will no longer be using my email account. I can no longer access it through Firefox and am too lazy to sign into IE just to check email. So my julieclawson (at) gmail (dot) com address will be my main address from now on.

Thanks! And see you all at


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