Wednesday, October 31, 2007,7:10 PM
Halloween 2007
So I'm sure the Halloween parties are still continuing somewhere, but our celebrations are over. The Clawson family, at Emma's insistence, dressed up as pirates this year. I honestly don't know if she got the pirate theme from Veggie Tales ("The Pirates who don't do anything" which has been stuck in my head this entire week) or from the Dora Pirate Adventure. But we all had to be pirates (Daddy Pirate, Mommy Pirate, and Emma Pirate as she called us).

Last night our church threw a Halloween Party for the people we rent space from on Sunday morning. During the week the space is a community center for mentally handicapped adults. They are a fantastic group who are so transparent in their love for each other and their caregivers. There is a lot we can learn about true community from them. But we wanted to say thanks for letting us rent the space and so threw a big party. It was a great time full of games, crafts, and tons of junk food.

Tonight Mike took Emma around Trick or Treating and I stayed home to pass out candy and hot Spiced Apple Cider. It was really strange having it be warm enough (barely) to sit out on the porch the whole evening and for it to stay light so late on Halloween (I like this Daylight Savings change). The Superhero costumes were way down this year while the scary masks and gender bender costumes were way up. The number of boys I saw dressed as princesses, cheerleaders, and even one French maid was amusing. I saw just one Hermione and one High King Peter (from Narnia) who was really happy because I actually knew what his costume was (I apparently was the only one all evening). My favorite though was the little boy in a Darth Vader costume with instead of the mask a rainbow colored plastic mohawk. I thought it was funny. We all ate way too much candy and have tons leftover. In all another fun Halloween.

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