Wednesday, August 08, 2007,8:52 AM
Christians Confess
So Sonja tagged me for this meme which was begun by John Smulo.

The rules of the meme:

1. Apologize for three things that Christians have often got wrong. Your apologies should be directed towards those who don’t view themselves as part of the Christian community. Alternatively, apologize for things you personally have done wrong towards those outside of the church.
2. Post a comment at the originating post so others can keep track of the apologies.
3. Tag five people to participate in the meme.
4. If desired, send an email with the link to your blog post at the Christians Confess site, giving permission for your apologies to be added to the website.

So my three things that I've personally done and am sorry for -

I am sorry for adding to the Gospel and forcing people to become Republicans, or accept creationism, or stop being homosexual, or alter their physical appearance before they can love and follow Jesus.

I am sorry for acting like I know-it-all and have the corner on truth while making fun of people who have actually devoted their lives to studying things like the Bible, or science, or history.

I am sorry for manipulating your children into saying the sinner's prayer because I told them they would go to hell and be separate from you if they didn't.

And I tag -
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