Tuesday, August 07, 2007,3:07 PM
Silly Picture Interlude
So I'm working on some real posts, but first I have to ask if you think this is a new good look for me... :)


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  • At 8/07/2007 03:39:00 PM, Anonymous sonja

    LOL ... What have you DONE???

    That looks like my daughter's hair ... every day!!!

  • At 8/07/2007 07:31:00 PM, Blogger Julie

    I had my hair in coronet braids for the Faire I worked at over the weekend. This is what happened when I took them out. I used to do this intentionally back in the 80s...

  • At 8/08/2007 08:48:00 AM, Anonymous sonja

    Ohhhh ... that makes sense. It looks really cool!!

    My daughter has naturally curly, curly hair and it just goes everywhere. She hates it. But at 13, I think everyone hates their hair.


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