Wednesday, November 01, 2006,2:29 PM
So Halloween was a hit around here. I wasn't too sure how Emma would respond and so we hadn't even planned to take her trick-or-treating. But we got caught up in the excitment and eded up having a great time. We dressed Emma in her Supergirl costume and in honor of The Ooze Mike and I dressed up as Gandalf and Mara Jade. . It's Chicago, so it was of course cold, but not as bad as it has been in previous years. So we layered Emma up and she and Mike went out while I passed out candy. Apparently it took her awhile to catch onto the whole trick-or-treat thing and her friend May had to show her how to do it. And after Mike gave her some candy corns, she was then was quite happy to go door to door to get yum-yums. In fact she so enjoyed it that this morning she insisted on putting her costume back on, picking up her pumpkin, and pointed at the front door and said "yum-yums?". I gave in on the costume part and ran all my errand today with a little supergirl in tow. Oh, and she is enthralled with the toy lightsaber. She even know how to make the spiffy lightsaber hum sound. A kid after our own hearts! .

She did also get to go to a really fun Halloween party on Monday. She played games (kinda), ate jello for the first time, and bobbed for apples. Well actually she splashed in the water and then grabbed an apple, but the thoughts still there... . She also got a goodie bag at the party and soon discovered that it held a child sized pair of fake sunglasses with the big nose attached and some bubbles. Well she has decided that the universe is not right unless mommy puts on the too small glasses and blows her bubbles. It was cute for awhile, but mommy does have other things to do. Sometimes. Anyway Halloween was a huge hit, now I just need to convey to her that its a once a year event...

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  • At 11/01/2006 02:58:00 PM, Blogger gerbmom

    Um, no. She now knows if she is supergirl with a pumpkin and a big smile she can get all the free yum-yums she wants. Smart kid. :)

  • At 11/04/2006 02:06:00 PM, Blogger Jemila Monroe

    SO cute Julie! My daughter was a princess this year, but after seeing lots of little boys dressed up as superman at her PreK party, she decided next year she would like to be supergirl. Guess the world needs more of them ;)

  • At 11/08/2006 11:14:00 PM, Blogger Bob Longman

    My nephew Tyler is looking for someone to duel lightsabres with. He's game if Emma is.


  • At 11/16/2006 05:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Halloween is a no-no for Christians. It's a demonic observance.

  • At 11/17/2006 09:13:00 AM, Blogger Mike Clawson

    Halloween is a no-no for unthinking christians whose fear of the world is greater than their faith in God. The God I believe in redeems this world and we can enjoy him and his blessigs because of it.

  • At 11/21/2006 06:42:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    So you think it's fine to enjoy a Satanic holiday? Wow...

  • At 11/22/2006 09:20:00 AM, Blogger Julie

    oh so you celebrate christmas too? nice.