Saturday, September 30, 2006,1:39 PM
Thoughts for the moment
Hey world (or the small slice of it that reads this blog...)

So I'm in the middle of my super psycho three weeks. We spent part of this past week down with family at South Padre Island Texas. I had a great time. Being with family was wonderful and the warm beach weather was great. Mike and Emma got food poisoning on the trip and so had some miserable days (and a really really long flight back - you don't even want to know how bad I smelled after being hit with multiple types of body fluids) Emma is still trying to get back to normal, but is a lot better. I'll try to post some of the fun pictures (chasing seagulls...) later.

I leave tomorrow for the Emerging Women East Coast Gathering. I'm really excited to meet a lot of the women and converse with them. I'm "presenting" on the Samaritan women, Deconstructing what has come before, and Feminine metaphors for God. I'm a bit nervous and feel totally unprepared. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Then the next week I'm going to the Emergent Gathering in New Mexico. This should be an amazing time. I may be leading a session on emerging women - we're still working out the details. So I'm sure I'll have a lot to report on after all this travel.

In other life events, I've been reading all of Anne Bishops novels. I just finished her World of the Fae series. It had a lot of themes about women and the fear of women that leads to oppression. They are good reads, so if you like fantasy novels I highly recommend her books.

Also I mini rant... why do some people think that they are above to rules and norms of society??? on the flight back from Texas we were sitting on the front row of a Southwest flight (best place if you have kids). In that row was another mom and little boy and then an elderly man. The man had to be at least 70, dressed in a suit. Throughout the flight, he continued to make calls using his cell phone (a big no-no on airplanes). Then he pulls out a PLAYBOY magazine to read - where everyone (including the young boy next to him) could see it. So where does he think he gets the right to ignore the rules and norms of society? He scared me - I made all types of judgements about him and it frightened me to think of the number of creeps out there who are like him... anyway, just thought I'd share...


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  • At 10/01/2006 01:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    thank you for the head's up on the books! i've been looking for a good author to sink into and i LOVE fantasy!

    that airplane story boils my blood. i know if that was my son all hell would have broken loose. i can't imagine being in that kind of situation with that kind of ignorance.

  • At 10/01/2006 08:33:00 PM, Blogger Charlotte Wyncoop

    Umm, I thought you could use cell phones midflight now, just not on takeoff and landing??

    Personally, what riles me is that the Mom didn't protect her son and say something to the guy. What kind of culture have we achieved where moms don't feel safe to protect their children?

  • At 10/04/2006 11:53:00 AM, Blogger Julie

    part of the issue - the mom was hispanic and I only heard her ever speak spanish...

  • At 10/04/2006 01:00:00 PM, Blogger Doxallo

    You did a great job! Thanks for presenting and sharing. :)