Thursday, December 08, 2005,11:09 PM
chocolate crap
So for the last day or so I have been attempting to make holiday goodies with chocolate and have had mixed results. Recipes that I've never had issues with before went seriously wrong and (sin of sins) I have ruined a decent amount of chocolate. For example - I made three batches of fudge with differing results (none of which were the outcome I was looking for). One batch is a smooth truffle like candy - yummy, but not really fudge like. Another batch is very soft with toffee like consistency. Then the final batch is brick hard. Then I was melting chocolate to dip things in (like nilla wafers and pretzels) and one batch burnt. It makes no sense given that I did everything exactly the same for every batch! Anyway, so we had this mass of burnt chocolate with peppermint undertones and I was getting quite upset about how I kept ruining the chocolate. So we started playing with the chocolate and since it looked pretty much like a giant turd, Mike took it outside and dumped it in the snow (see picture below). So there is a very large turd-like piece of burnt peppermint chocolate in our yard which was really silly at the moment but yeah.... anyway the point is I need to stop making crap and actually get some edible stuff made sometime soon!

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  • At 1/09/2006 11:53:00 PM, Blogger J. M. Richards

    I followed your link on the Ooze forums....just so you know.
    I also tried my hand at fudge this year and failed miserably. Next year I will stick to cookies.
    And BTW, I saw in your profile the you like the book "The Hereo and The Crown." It is the only Robin McKinnley book I've read so far, but I really liked it. Ta ta!

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