Sunday, December 04, 2005,3:37 PM
tis the season...
So its finally December and therefore one can celebrate Christmas without the "shouldn't we at least wait until Thanksgiving is over" guilt trip. So far its snowed each day this month but I think there is still only about an inch of snow on the ground (even so I still got made fun of by complete strangers for wearing my birks out in the cold and the snow...). But it makes things pretty.
This past week has been crazy. Emma decided not to take naps - which made her less than happy most of the time. I think we also scared her for life with the whole taking a christmas picture thing. First - I took her to the mall to get her picture taken at The Picture People. Well they tried to have her stand up next to a chair and she managed to fall down pulling the chair down on top of her. She was okay, just really frightened and needless to say we didn't get the pictures taken that day. Then we tried to do the whole family picture thing in front of the chistmas tree and the whole tree fell down on top of me and her. We are both okay - but the tree has issues and is currently being held together by superglue and duct tape... its okay as long as you don't touch it or breath anywhere near it.
So that has been December so far. we have half of our christmas lights up and those look great (just a bit lopsided until the rest go up...). anyway... thats my life.

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