Thursday, July 07, 2005,3:39 PM
survey thingy
So I totally stole this from Monaca's blog (thanks!) and I'm in the mood to do a survey (plus Emma's sleeping) - so here goes (some of he questions have been deleted)

1) Last word you said: stoller (as in "don't forget the stoller" to Mike as he left)
2) Last song you sang: One Thing
3) Last person you hugged: Emma (my baby)
4) Last time you said 'I love you': to Mike when he left a bit ago
5) Last time you cried: don't know
6) What's in your CD player: some native African music
7) What color socks are you wearing: its summer!!!
8) What's under your bed: right now: wrapping paper stuff
9) What time did you wake up today: 9am
10) Current hair: in a ponytail/bun
11) Current clothes: shorts and t-shirt
12) Current annoyance: my dirty condo
13) Current longing: to have a life
14) Current desktop picture: Eowyn from Lord of the Rings
15) Current worry: that Emma's okay
17) Story behind your username: well Julie is my name..., I also use MaraJade which is a Star Wars character
18) Current favorite article of clothing: tunic shirt
20) Favorite place to be: at home in Texas
22) Time you wake up in the morning: whenever Emma wakes me up
23) Do you play an instrument: no
24) Favorite color: green
25) Do you believe in the afterlife? yes
26) How tall are you? 6"1"
28) Favorite book: Jane Eyre
29) Favorite season: summer
30) One person from your past that you wish you could hang out with: Michelle, Tim and Jason
32) Where would you like to take a trip to?: Greece
33) What is your career going to be like: career?
36) A random lyric: "Where you're healed is where you're boken, God knows your native tongue." - David Wilcox, Native Tongue
37) favorite place to shop: IKEA
39) what kind of shampoo do you use?: Curl Life
40) what are you most scared of?: falling
41) what are you listening to right now: the ac just came on
42) who is the last person that called you?: Mike
43) where do you want to get married?: well I got married in Wheaton
47) boys names: Aidan, Gavin
48) girls names: Emma, Iona
49) subjects in school: English and History
50) animals: dogs
52) given anyone a bath?: I give Emma baths all the time
53) smoked?: no
54) bungee jumped?: no
55) made yourself throw up?: no
56) skinny dipping?: yes
61) cried when someone died?: yes
62) lied: yes
63) done something you regret?: of course
69) what was the last film you saw?: Daredevil (really dumb movie)
71) what did you have for breakfast this morning?: coffee, bagel/egg/bacon sandwich
74) could you live without your computer?: It would be annoying
76)do you drink alcohol?: yes
77) like watching sunrises or sunsets?: sunsets - way prettier
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