Sunday, April 09, 2006,11:08 AM
red dot envy...
So I recently put that map thingy on my blog that shows where in the world the people who read my blog are. while I get a fair amount of hits on my oh so meaningful blog, its it quite sparse (especially in regards to the entire southern hemisphere) compared to other blogs I read (for example - Mike's). I mention this to him and he accuses me of having red dot envy. So I'm wondering what sort of weird posts I need to have in order to have random people all over the world google and find my blog. According to my stat counter the most common searches that bring people to my blog have been my posts on vampires, American Idol, and the Seven Wonders project. So I guess cute pictures of Emma and my personal slanted ramblings on faith stuff aren't that popular ;) . Anyway - not that it really matters, just thought I'd share.
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